Is It Illegal To Skateboard In A Parking Garage?

by Ben Smith | Last Updated: May 10, 2022

Parking garages are ideal places to practice your skateboarding skills, which are highly favorable among skaters. In general, as long as you’re not causing any trouble, you’ll be fine to skateboard in a parking garage, but you must check the rules before you start, or you could face a fine for trespassing.

Continue reading to explore the laws and regulations around skateboarding in a parking lot, plus the pros and cons of using these areas for skating.

Can you Skate In A Parking Garage?

In general, it’s not illegal to skateboard in a parking garage, though you could be asked to leave based on local regulations. If this happens, comply with the authority’s request, and you shouldn’t experience too much trouble.

However, it’s always worth checking for signs and local legislation as you risk fines if you fail to follow the rules and trespass on someone’s property.

No law forbids you from skating on private property, but you could face a fine for trespassing if the owner asks you to leave, and you don’t comply.

The only time skateboarding might be illegal in a parking garage is if it’s a municipal parking structure. It all comes down to local ordinances that determine any laws around prohibited areas for skating.

What Are The Pros Of Skateboarding In A Parking Garage?

A parking lot offers a solid flat surface to practice your skateboarding, plus an array of slopes, stairs, and railings that are awesome for practicing tricks.

In addition, parking garages often come with elevators that give you easy access to the top levels so that you can build speed as you race back down.

What Are The Cons Of Skateboarding In A Parking Garage?

The biggest drawback of a parking garage is that it is made for cars, and if you come face-to-face with one of these, you could risk serious injury.

If you skateboard down a ramp into an oncoming car, you’re at risk of serious injury, hospitalization, or, in a worst-case scenario, death. When you skateboard around moving cars, you place yourself and others at risk, so it’s better to avoid this scenario.

What Are The Consequences Of Skateboarding In A Car Parking Garage?

If you violate any rules or regulations while skateboarding in a parking garage, the most likely consequence will be a warning. You can also face a trespassing fine if you have blatantly ignored a property owner’s request to stay off their premises.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be arrested for the location you choose to skateboard in. The main factor that would warrant an arrest would be if you did severe harm to someone’s health or property.

Assessing these risk factors before you begin skating in a new location is essential.

Why Would I Get Into Trouble For Skateboarding In A Parking Garage?

There are numerous reasons you could get into trouble for skateboarding in a parking garage. The primary concern is trespassing, which is illegal and could land you in trouble with the law. Trespassing means that you enter the land of an owner without their permission.

In most cases, the owner will ask you to leave, but at other times, they may call the police. If it’s your first trespassing offense, you may get away with a warning, but if you’ve been asked to leave before, you will likely face a harsher punishment, such as a fine.

If you damage someone’s property or personal belongings while trespassing, you will face harsher consequences than if you respect the area and are careful not to harm your surroundings.

You can also get into trouble if you don’t follow the bylaws in your area or disobey the curfews. For these reasons, it’s essential to check local codes.

What Are Common Skateboarding Laws In The USA?

Every state in the USA carries different laws and restrictions, so it’s worthwhile to check local laws and legislation when deciding where and when to engage in this sport.


This is one of the most significant restrictions that skateboarders face. Property owners can ban you from skating on their premises, while local ordinances can prevent you from skateboarding in public places such as sidewalks, streets, and parking lots.

In Canton, Ohio, it is illegal to skateboard in the street. While in San Francisco City, street skateboarding is prohibited at all times.


Some states prohibit public skateboarding for those younger than 12 years old, while others have increased safety measures for young riders.

In California, children under 18 must wear a helmet when skateboarding on any street or public bike path.


Some states impose safety regulations, such as no skateboarding in the evenings and no reckless skating.

In Akron, Ohio, it is illegal to skateboard after dark. While in New York City, it is illegal to skate in a way that threatens another person’s health or possessions; and in New York state, you can not skate with more than two people in a row. 

Why Is Skateboarding Illegal In Some Areas?

While there are no specific US laws to ban skateboarding, there are local laws in place to prevent you from skateboarding in particular locations.

The regulations for a city come from the City Code, which exists to protect the rights of its citizens. These codes and ordinances also work to maintain property values, neighborhood aesthetics, and public safety. 

Local governing bodies may display these local laws through signage, so it’s essential to look out for notices in or around a parking garage.

Final Thoughts.

There are no laws that make skateboarding in a parking garage illegal in the USA. However, local bylaws could place restrictions on when and where you are allowed to skate. In addition, skateboarding on somebody’s private property could see you fined for trespassing.

If you want to skate in a parking garage, check the local bylaws, find out who owns the property, and get permission before you begin. In addition, keep yourself safe by skating only when the garage is closed and always keep an eye out for unexpected cars.

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